Battlefield 5’s first Tides of War update launches tomorrow – here are the release times

Battlefield V's Tides of War Chapter 1 launches tomorrow with the new map, Panzerstorm

December 4, 2018 Battlefield V’s Overture update launches on December 5, just a day later than expected.

After an unfortunate delay, Battlefield V’s first Tides of War update is back in line for launch. Luckily that wait hasn’t amounted to much, and Chapter 1: Overture is now scheduled for launch on December 5, just a handful of hours from the time of this post. Downloads will roll out beginning at 00:00 PST / 3:00 EST / 8:00 GMT ahead of an expected one hour downtime.

That’ll leave PC players able to hop in-game and play on December 5 at 1:00 PST / 4:00 EST / 9:00 GMT. This will bring the final piece of the game’s single-player War Stories campaign, a new tank-focused multiplayer map, vehicle customisation options, and a brand new practice range where you can improve your skills. You can check out a new trailer for it all below.

The most notable addition for most players will be Panzerstorm, a new tank-focused map set in Belgium. This location will give each team seven vehicle slots, and you can end up allowing a total of 17 tanks on the map, plus additional reinforcements. That’s much more vehicular action than any existing map,

This focus on armoured warfare continues in The Last Tiger, the final chapter of War Staries. Here you control a Nazi commander in charge of a Tiger I tank as the crew faces the last days of World War II. As noted on the PlayStation Blog, the story will see that crew making a last stand while “beginning to question the ideology that brought them to that point.”

There’s a new Practice Range option with a Shooting Trial and Driving Trial, each of which will give you chance to run against various challenges and improve your skills on a modified version of Hamada. This update also marks the launch of vehicle customisation, which will let you tweak the look of your rides.

While this December 4 update won’t change Battlefield V’s TTK – those tweaks are coming later as noted on Reddit – it will include a host of balance changes, including smoother revives and a rebalance for the Medic class. Those sorts of updates along with bigger bouts of new content should mark a strong start for BF5’s next year.