Battlefield 5’s reveal livestream is starting now – watch it here

battlefield 5 setting

Battlefield V will be officially revealed later today via a livestream straight from EA. We’ll find out about the game’s setting, its multiplayer features, the nature of its campaign, and whatever other surprises DICE has in store. The stream will take place at 13:00 PDT / 16:00 EDT / 20:00 GMT, and will broadcast across YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer. We’ve embedded the Twitch stream below for your convenience.

You can expect to hear from DICE senior producers Andreas Morell and Lars Gustavsson, as well as design director Daniel Berlin, at the event, with hosting duties handled by The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah. Officially, we know that Battlefield V will feature a new setting – in other words, not WW1 – as well as a new single-player campaign with the same “War Stories” structure, and new multiplayer “modes and experiences.”

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Unofficially, it’s looking very likely that the Battlefield V setting will be WW2. Teasers for the game have sported Union Flags and German army symbols from the era, as well as art of a WW2-era US paratrooper.

Rumours suggest that Battlefield V will also feature a battle royale mode, and since that’s what all the hot shooters are doing these days it wouldn’t be surprising. On top of that, EA’s preview of the event mentions that Battlefield’s “large-scale multiplayer” will be taken “to the next level,” which is as good a hint as any.

We’ll know for sure a bit later this evening. Of course, we’ll keep you updated with all the details as they become available, so stay tuned for more.