Battlefield 5 TTK will revert to normal tomorrow – “Clearly we didn’t get it right”

Battlefield 5 TTK will be back to normal very soon

Battlefield 5 weapons guide screenshot

December 17, 2018 Battlefield V TTK will soon be back to normal.

Battlefield V’s TTK changes haven’t been taken well by the community, and DICE will revert all those adjustments back in tomorrow’s update. “After rolling out those changes last week, we’ve listened to your feedback, reviewed our statistical data, and have made the decision to return to the original TTK values seen at launch.”

Those values go back to their original forms on December 18 at 4:00 PST / 7:00 EST / 12:00 GMT. The Conquest Core mode will be removed, and you won’t see any more core playlists added to the game. There’s no patch necessary for all this – the changes will all happen server-side.

You die very fast in Battlefield, and BF5 – without these changes – is no exception. The TTK adjustment was intended to give new players a better experience while giving separate options to veterans who wanted a traditional experience. “Clearly we didn’t get it right,” DICE’s Dan Mitre says on Reddit. “Veteran players didn’t ask for the change, but as game developers, we took it upon ourselves to make those changes based on extensive data and deliberation. It truthfully wasn’t an easy decision for us.”

Efforts to bring in new players will continue in the new year along with further Tides of War content updates. “Our desire to service a game that caters to old and new players will continue. How we get it right isn’t easy, nor will it be quick, and we appreciate when the community comes together and helps us on this journey.”

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Over the weekend, DICE offered a different take on how to fix TTK – simply add more of those core playlists. That wasn’t what the community wanted to hear, which prompted today’s change of heart – and this news has been received much more positively.