Battlefield 5 M91/28 Tromboncino: how to get the bolt-action carbine with a grenade launcher

Looking to add a strange new weapon to your company? Here’s how to get the new Medic class rifle

Battlefield 5 M9128 Tromboncino

A new Battlefield 5 weapon is arriving for the Medic class in the form of the M91/28 Tromboncino. The new bolt-action carbine comes with a grenade launcher as an attachment, making it one of the oddest weapons in Battlefield 5. This new gun becomes available on Thursday, 2 May, 2019 as part of the week 6 Trial by Fire weekly challenges, following on from last week’s Battlefield 5 LS/26 LMG.

So, what makes the M91/28 Tromboncino worth grinding weekly challenges for? Well, this is a very rare Italian weapon, and was only in use for roughly six years, which makes this a cool relic at the very least. The grenades that were designed for this rifle were manufactured to produce very little shrapnel so that they could be used in close-quarters, which would make this a neat attachment.

As for the challenges themselves, there are 12 in total, one of which is optional. You’ll only need to complete five of these week 6 Battlefield 5 challenges to actually unlock the M91/28 Tromboncino, here’s the full set:

  • Teamwork – 4,500 Chapter XP
    As a squad earn 12500 score in Multiplayer or Combined Arms
  • Breakfast – 4,500 Chapter XP
    Kill 20 enemies in Combined Arms
  • Pit Crew – 10,000 Chapter XP
    As a squad repair vehicles for 500 health in Multiplayer
  • Friends in High Places – 4,500 Chapter XP
    As a squad call in 3 Reinforcements in Combined Arms
  • Mutual Support – 10,000 Chapter XP
    As a squad revive squadmates 20 times in Multiplayer or Combined Arms
  • Complex Logistics – 10,000 Chapter XP
    As a Squad spend 50000 Requisition points in Multiplayer
  • Day Trip – 4,500 Chapter XP
    Play 2 Combined Arms missions on Fjell 652
  • Conquerors – 10,000 Chapter XP
    As a squad, achieve 8 objective captures in Multiplayer
  • Grand Tour – 10,000 Chapter XP
    Win 4 missions in Combined Arms
  • Fire Team – 4,500 Chapter XP
    As a squad kill 30 enemies using Primary Weapons or Stationary Weapons in Multiplayer
  • Float Like Butterflies – 25,000 Chapter XP
    As a squad deal 7500 damage in Multiplayer or Combined Arms
  • (Optional) Sting Like a Bee – 10,000 Chapter XP
    Deal 250 damage to vehicles using the grenade launcher of the M28 Tromboncino carbine in Multiplayer or Combined Arms

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And there you have it. Once the challenges go live on Thursday you’ll have a week to tick off five and unlock the rifle so get your squad on standby.