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The next Battlefield game won’t arrive next year

Battlefield 5

It looks like fans of EA’s Battlefield titles will have to wait until 2022 for the next installment in the FPS multiplayer game series. The publisher has just announced in an earnings call that, while there will be some new content headed to Battlefield V in financial year 2021, the next arrival in its war game franchise isn’t due until the fiscal year after.

In the EA earnings report for Q2 2020, CEO Andrew Wilson says the Battlefield series and its player community are “a major focus for us, and we’ll add new content and new ways to play Battlefield V in FY21.” However, he adds: “targeting new innovation that will be enabled by next-gen platforms and a growing install base on the new consoles, our next Battlefield game is set for FY22.”

In an earnings call, meanwhile, Wilson talks a little bit about the reasons behind this, saying that “it’s not about resource constraints” but “was a very thought-through decision for us, and there were a few factors that came into play. The first is that we still see a burgeoning opportunity with Battlefield V.”

He added, “We’re about to launch a whole new theatre of war with the Pacific theatre, and the team is still really thinking about how they can continue to drive that service on a go-forward basis. We think there’s opportunity still inside the Battlefield V experience as it was built as a base live service from the beginning.”

He also mentioned that Apex Legends having opportunity for growth and factors around launching the next Battlefield title into the next gen contributed to the decision.

Battlefield V, the most recent game in DICE’s series, released last November. With the next title due in FY 2020, we can guess that it might arrive sometime between April 2021 and late March 2022.

EA has also announced that NBA Live 20 has been cancelled, and that another new Star Wars game is on the way after Jedi: Fallen Order in its earnings call.

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