Battlefield Hardline feedback sees movement speed upped 10%: “It feels much faster now!”

Battlefield Hardline: now with even more explodey vehicles.

Visceral Games wanted feedback from their Battlefield Hardline beta, and they got it alright: a screeching, sonic wall of complaints that, if recorded, would sound like Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music.

In response, they’ve created the first of many Community’s Most Wanted lists – a flood of fixes headed for the game beginning with a 10% increase in movement speed and ending with weak spots for heavy vehicles.

Visceral heard a lot of noise about Hardline’s “sluggish” movement speed, and have taken direct action to solve it – players now jog 10% faster by default, and will get a further 10% speed bonus when running with their pistols out. So to speak.

Players complained, too, about odd camera shake under various circumstances. You’ll now find that your aimpoint is unaffected by the “bounce” effect when suppressed, and that the “over the top” crane camera shake from High Tension has been tuned down.

Vehicles have been worked over in various ways. Weak spots have been added to the rear of the most heavily armoured, and you’ll soon find more map-specific vehicles like the Fuel Truck. Beyond that, Visceral are planning on implementing a melee attack ‘nudge’ to shunt stuck APCs out of crevices, as well as a handbrake for cars.

Elsewhere, there’s new feedback to help determine whether an objective is above or below you, and a fix to the stair bug that was inexorably pulling players into the wall on High Tension.

Finally, Visceral have made a decision on the divisive Survivalist gadget, which allows players to revive themselves once per spawn.

“We’ve heard both sides of the argument on the Survivalist gadget,” said the developers. “It is pretty polarizing.

“Some of you hate it, some of you love it – either way, we agree it was overpowered. We’ve changed it to revive you at 1 health and auto-inject after 5 seconds.”

Are you lot lovers or haters? Our Steve and Matt were definitely haters where the Battlefield Hardline beta was concerned.

Cheers, Gamespot.