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Battlefield Hardline has been influenced by YouTubers and fans

Battlefield Hardline: the result of listening, apparently.

Battlefield Hardline has been a bit of a hard sell for EA and Visceral, with its last beta recieving a less-than-warm reception. But Visceral have been working hard to make Hardline a great new entry in the Battlefield series. They’ve been doing this with the help of an army of fans, community members, and YouTubers, who have been informing them where they’re going wrong. 

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Talking to GameSpot, senior producer Scott Probst explained that a program called “Game Changers” was set up, that invited YouTubers, community members, and fans of other shooters to the Visceral Games studio to help in day-long playtest sessions during Hardline’s development. 

"They've been key to our success," said Probst. "They gave us very, very clear feedback on what they really like, what they really didn't like, what they'd like to see changed. And they've been working with the team even outside of their individual visits to the studio. They've gotten on email and fired away tons of thoughts."

This team has been providing feedback on elements not including in public beta tests, such as so far unseen maps and game modes. "We've tuned a lot of specific game modes according to their feedback to make sure these things are going to serve the Battlefield community the way we want them to." said Probst. 

This approach, combined with the months-long delay, will hopefully mean that Battlefield Hardline feels much better to play than it did back in the post-E3 beta in 2014.

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Shriven avatarFattox avatarReikhardt avatar*sigh* avatarxNuke avatar
*sigh* Avatar
3 Years ago

Because we all know how that usually works out.

Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

In trying to please everyone, you will satisfy no-one. Pandering to youtubers is not a good sign.

Fattox Avatar
3 Years ago

From what i've read around other forums/sites, whatever they've done with feedback from the YT'ers and fans, seems to have resulted in a great game.


About to go install it so that i can see for myself later tonight. I'd rather form my own opinion rather than feel like i wasted my money later, like i did shortly after buying BF3.

Reikhardt Avatar
3 Years ago

I started playing it yesterday and the Hotwire mode is so much fun. Feels fresh and fun after so many stale shooters.

xNuke Avatar
3 Years ago

It still feels exactly the same as it did in the first beta. I'd accept this game if it were marketed as a standalone DLC for BF4. Or if they at least dropped the 'Battlefield' tag. It doesn't feel anything like a Battlefield game.