Battlefield Hardline will be the “fastest Battlefield ever”, swears single player trailer

Battlefield Hardline

It’s got a name like concrete, but Visceral’s Battlefield Hardline release date has been nothing but unsteady – slipping from Autumn through the membrane of 2014’s new game schedule and coming to rest in March.

For something more solid, look to this new round of single player footage – built around all the non-lethal takedowns and muscle car getaways missing from the Battlefield Hardline beta.

In the beta, our Matt and Steve found a militaristic multiplayer take on bank robbery that can just about mimic the 10 terrifying minutes of Heat in which the bullets fly – but none of the tension and teamwork of the two hours either side.

This latest look at the game, however, seeks to sell the single player campaign that might wind up as Hardline’s redeeming virtue.

The police procedural inspiration bleeds through here with stun guns and scanners, interrogations and arrests, and an unhealthy dose of cop cynicism.

Battlefield Hardline is out on March 17 in the US and March 19 in Europe. How uncompromising is your stance on it?