Rooting around in Battlefield: Hardline’s trash

Battlefield: Hardline beta secrets

Battlefield Hardline’s beta only reveals a small slice of the game, but within the beta files are more firearms, yet unused sound files, hints about futures maps and modes – stuff that’s just been waiting around for sleuths to dig through. 

And they have, even throwing up videos showing off their findings. Nothing stays hidden for long. They’d probably make good detectives. Not the kind of police in Hardline, of course, who are more concerned with ziplines and murder. 

Youtuber Hattiwatti discovered these hidden guns:

  • M93R
  • M1911
  • RS357
  • MAC-10
  • M240B
  • SR-25 ECC
  • L96A1
  • SMAW
  • M18

He shows them off below by shooting people and walls. Damn walls, always committing crimes and what not. He discovered some other weapons, too, but didn’t show them. They are:

  • Molotov
  • Sticky Grenade
  • C4

Over on Reddit, SkacikPL has posted their findings after rooting around in the audio files. These are maps, modes and other things that could be added later in the beta phases.

  • “Desert 05 – Hostage rescue (no offical map name so far) – Hostage rescue against gang running a methamphetamine lab.”
  • “Turf war on High Tension – most likely domination cameo as in recent interviews, Visceral employee said that as of now Conquest is not included in Hardline.”
  • “Hostage sound files (mainly variations of words ‘hey/over here/help me/’ with one exception of ‘Hey man cut me loose’)”
  • “Molotovs/incendiary – Sound files indicate the existence of incendiary bombs, whilst ingame weapon name states Molotov. Most likely will stay as incendiary as currently it uses BF4 incendiary grenade particle effects.”
  • “Map called ‘growhouse’ will have a levolution event with blowing up Van”
  • “There is a singleplayer level nicknamed ‘Chop Shop’, which most likely is a warehouse raided by a player (it will end up in flames).”
  • “Sound files containing impact sounds of empty .45 shell on various surfaces (nicknamed Distraction bullet). May indicate that SP has stealth mechanics.”

Hardline hasn’t done much for me so far, feeling like it’s something that could very easily have been done in Battlefield 4; though the beta only shows a small slice of the game. In its current state, it’s much more entertaining to just zipline everywhere (even when there’s no slope) and ride bikes in elevators.

How have you lovely folk been finding it?

Cheers, VG24/7.