Battlefield V might get remakes of the Omaha Beach and El-Alamein map

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Battlefield V could see the return of the Omaha Beach and El-Alamein maps from Battlefield 1942. Aleksander Grøndal, executive producer at DICE responsible for Battlefield, hinted at the inclusion of the maps on Twitter yesterday.

A fan of the series asked Grøndal what chance there was of seeing the maps return. Considering the game’s WW2 setting, which was confirmed at a reveal event earlier this week, and the inclusion of a Battlefield 1-style War Stories campaign, a story that focuses temporarily on different areas from the European theatre is quite likely (we already know that both British and American forces will appear in the game).

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It’s no particular surprise that D-Day would feature in the game, meaning the inclusion of Omaha Beach is something of a given. El-Alamein is less of a guarantee, but when asked whether Battlefield fans could expect to see the map, Grøndal answered “considering my fav BF game is 1942, I’ll leave it at that.”

Whether Grøndal’s comment means that we’ll see brand-new versions of the maps or something more akin to a modern-day remake (Battlefield 1942 released in 2002) isn’t clear, although I’d imagine it’s the former given the 16-year gap between the two games.

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