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Battlefield 5 won’t have a Premium Pass or loot boxes

battlefield v premium pass

Battlefield V’s reveal event is well underway, and EA have confirmed that the game will not feature a Premium Pass - meaning no expansions or map packs to buy. All the content to be added will be available for free to all players, and EA apparently have no plans to re-implement their most unpopular alternative, either.

Future content will follow a similar format to Star Wars Battlefront II, with seasonal content and in-game events paving the way for further additions, through what they're calling the Tides of War service.

Each of these updates will be built around a unique chapter of World War II, covering different points of the conflict, each spread out over several months. The first content update will begin in November and run through early 2019, covering the fall of Europe through new gameplay events and content editions.

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EA hasn’t been specific about what sort of monetisation structure will replace the Premium Pass, though the game will have cosmetic items of some sort. On stream the team was quite specific that your gameplay options will be unlocked by playing the game, with no “pay-to-win” systems in place.

Though we don’t know exactly what form the new monetisation will take, we do know one thing - there will be no loot boxes. Based on correspondence with an EA representative, Kotaku reports that “the game will not have any form of randomized loot boxes.” They’ll of course want to avoid any repeat of what happened with Battlefront II’s random microtransaction debacle.

We’ll find out more heading up to Battlefield V’s launch on October 19. We expect to see a more fully featured reveal at EA Play ahead of E3 this year, and we’ll have some hands-on impressions from the event for you soon.

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QDP2 avatarZeroderp avatar
QDP2 Avatar
3 Weeks ago

We can't tell you about the systems in place, but we promise there's no pay-to-win involved in this one! We found a way to give everyone the full game + free DLC!

I'm looking forward to seeing what new system EA have invented that'll enrage the public as much as they managed to with loot boxes.

I mean I've heard of sketchy acts from companies before, but this lights far more warning bells than they need to stop people from pre-ordering.

Maybe they're earning the profits through dedicated players, much like Total War and ESO's business practices! They'll remove the Season Pass but still sell the DLCs, only now you can't pre-purchase a DLC bundle so should you want to own each new content pack on release you'll have to pay for them individually at full price! Make bundles for the returning players (like ESO Morrowind and upcoming Summerset bundle) but charge an arm and a leg to the dedicated players. That'll help meet the quota.

Zeroderp Avatar
3 Weeks ago

Here is my wishful thinking: they will sell only cosmetics.

QDP2 Avatar
3 Weeks ago

I love the idea. Photo of the article screams a large focus on cosmetics, but this is one I highly doubt they can get away with financially. I don't know why they'd remove Season Passes then either, if there was going to be no way to purchase in-game currency.

Maybe weapons are all locked behind levels and achievements, but attachments are currency you can both earn and pay for? So long as there's no "attachment" that directly increases the damage of your weapon, they'll be fine. Stuff like scope changes. Barrel trade-offs. Clip size vs reload speed. A trade-off system that can be used by all but made faster for the payers could allow for fun gameplay without feeling pay-to-win?

I'll shoot for the stars and hope a good game comes out, but still sticking to my dubious ears and not touching the game with a barge-pole until the first DLC is already out and we know how its going to work for the future content.