Battlefield 5 cosmetics need to be believable – “we’re not creating a steampunk universe”

Battlefield V squad

Vanity items will be making a return in Battlefield V. This is likely to include face paints, prosthetic arms, jackets, pants, helmets, hats, and more.

Contrary to any fears this news may conjure, DICE producer Andreas Morrell reassures everyone that the plan is for these items to be authentic to the World War II era.

“It needs to be believable,” Morrell explains to PC Gamer. “It needs to fit with the era. We’re not creating a steampunk universe or anything like that.”

While this may be the case, Morrell doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of a few gimmicky items thrown into the mix either. He mentions that, while doing research for the game, they came across ‘Mad Jack’ Churchill.

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“He’s the only one who’s got a confirmed kill with a sword in World War II.” Morrell says in the latest issue of PC Gamer. “He used to go into battle with a bagpipe and a Scottish broadsword.”

Vanity items are a big part of Battlefield 5’s progression system as they act as an incentive to keep playing to get more unlocks. However, while that could be a cause for concern, DICE has been clear that microtransactions won’t operate like they have in the past – though, the studio confirms that those who want to purchase vanity items will be able to.

On the upside, DICE has also said there will be “no premium pass” – meaning you will have access to items without tucking into your wallet to download the latest maps and DLC. The Battlefield Twitter page confirms: “Players will have access to the same maps and modes. We’re supporting this with a system allowing players to earn weapons and vehicles, or earn or purchase vanity items.”

Vanity items have not been the only source of criticism Battlefield V has received since its reveal. Fans have also disagreed with DICE’s portrayal of women during the period.