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Battlefield 5’s final War Story tackles Nazi ideology

War Stories return in Battlefield V, and The Last Tiger sees German soldiers question their actions during the war's final days

Battlefield 5 War Stories

Dice has revealed all of the new War Stories coming to Battlefield V. There are five entries in the single-player anthology, a collection of shorter, character-focused episodes, rather than a single long campaign. The format debuted in Battlefield 1, and Dice is bringing it back for their new release. For the first time, one story comes from a German perspective.

In a past announcement, the company promised to tell “the untold tales of WW2,” and revealed some information about the first full war story, Nordlys (there is also a prologue, billed as an introduction to the game). In Nordlys, you’ll take on the role of a young resistance fighter, whose “story centres on not only her fight for her country’s liberation from occupying forces, but her family’s survival.”

The next story, Under No Flag, takes the action from the northern tip of Europe to the deserts of Africa, focusing on a young British criminal tasked with using his unique skills to blow up German air bases.” From there, we head to France in Tirailleur, a story that focuses on Senegalese units fighting for their French ‘homeland’.

The fourth and final complete War Story is The Last Tiger, but it won’t launch with the Battlefield V. Instead, Dice says it’s coming post launch. The story – which is the only war story told from a German perspective – takes place in the last days of the war, as Allied forces close in on Berlin, and portrays an isolated Tiger tank crew as the group “begins to question the ideology that got them to this point.”

There’s also a brief mention of Tides of War. Dice says Tides of War will feature “timed events inspired by different stages of the war,” starting with the Fall of Europe. Players who take part will get access to themed content, as well as special gear and cosmetics.

You can check out what else DICE has to say about its War Stories here. The Battlefield 5 release date was recently pushed back to November 20, but there are plenty of opportunities to play early if you’ve pre-ordered the game, so it shouldn’t be too long until you can check the stories out for yourself.