Battlefield 5’s premium currency is for cosmetics only

Battlefield V art

Battlefield V will have a premium currency available for purchase with real-world money. The currency will exist alongside a so-called “grind currency” which can be earned solely through gameplay. Both currencies can only be used to buy cosmetic items, which will feature heavily in the game.

The Battlefield V reveal event suggested that the game would include more customisation options than any other Battlefield game, with soldiers in your company able to feature unique face paint and clothing. Weapons, tanks, and airplanes can also all be customised.

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Polygon states that the existence of the premium currency was confirmed to them by a representative from EA. At the reveal event, EA confirmed that Battlefield V will not feature a Premium Pass or loot boxes, and that gameplay progression and cosmetics unlocks would be kept entirely separate. That’s likely to be in response to the fallout from Star Wars Battlefront II’s loot boxes, which EA temporarily removed from the game due to complaints that they were pay-to-win.

Given that there are no loot boxes in the game, it could feature a Fortnite-style cosmetics system in which a relatively small digital store contains randomised items that players can only pick up for a certain time. Alternatively, of course, all items could be available at all times, but we’ll have to wait and see.

If you fancy a closer look at the game, we’ve got Battlefield V weapons and Battlefield V screenshots for your lovely eyes. The Battlefield V release date is October 19, 2018, which means that DICE’s latest effort will be vying with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for sales.