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Battlefield 2142 producer doubts DICE "got the balls" to make a sequel

We know DICE still think about their time in 2142. Remember that future-drone easter egg in End Game? When the grim, blue darkness of the contemporary battlefield gets too much, I imagine they think back to that holiday in Christmas 2006, when the future seemed so mechy.

Paradox man Gordon Van Dyke worked on the Battlefield series in 2006, and would love to see DICE dive into the 22nd century again for a Frostbite-gnawed sequel. But he doesn’t know whether the developers’ man-parts are of sufficient proportions for the job.

"BF2142 successor on Frostbite Engine would be amazing, but does DICE got the balls to leave the safe haven of a modern war setting?", asked Van Dyke in a tweet yesterday. "Hope so."

"When I worked on BF2142 we definitely didn't hit the games full potential, and I think under the right leadership they could now," he continued, but worried that the studio now suffered from a "lack of veteran leadership" and “have way too many new people to know where they'd go".

What’s more, Van Dyke reasoned, EA’s financial dependency on DICE might prevent them from returning to braver battlefields.

"They also carry the weight with FIFA of a struggling company, so even with huge balls it's a hard spot to be creative in," he said.

So there you have it: massive testicles are not the be all and end all of games development. Sometimes money’s a factor too. Who needs GDC, eh?

Thanks to OXM and Pixel Enemy.

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VinsanityV22 Avatar
5 Years ago

The future seemed mechy in 2006? Dude, the PRESENT is quite mechy, thank you very much. Boston Dynamics alone has the Big Dog, the Petman, the LS3, the Cheetah  - all designed for, and used by, the US Military. Today. As in, right now. The Petman in particular is the most advanced humanoid robot on the market (take that, Asimo!). The LS3 is like an AT-TE's from Star Wars! As long as Boston Dynamics is on the case, heck yes 2142 will be as mechy as DICE predicted :)