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Battlefield 3: Armored Kill vehicles named and gameplay modes detailed by EA’s support team


Normally at this point in a game’s marketing spiel we would be receiving the name of each new vehicle in Battlefield 3: Armored Kill via an indvidual video, over the course of a month, with a public live action event involving choreagraphed doves and rare endagered animals. so it’s a departure from tradition to have EA’s support team but out an FAQ with all the sought after details in a handy list.

Thanks support team.

MP1st were the blighters who spotted the full version overherebut I’ve copy/pasted the relevant details here:

Content included in Armored Kill Expansion:
Game Modes:Tank Superiority
Maps:Death Valley; Bandar Desert;Armored Shield;Alborz Mountains
Vehicles:HIMARS H142(US Artillery Vehicle);BM-23(Russian Artillery Vehicle);M1128(US Tank Destroyer);2S25 Sprut-SD(Russian Tank Destroyer);ATV(Transport Vehicle);AC130(Gunship)

What is Tank Superiority?
Tank Superioritywill find two tank platoons up against each other as they fight tooth-and-nail for control of the single flag on the map. Expect massive tank battles and test your skills in the biggest land battle ever seen inBattlefield 3.

There was a video released earlier today that shows off all the new maps in the DLC and the vehicles that will be battling across them. Unfortunately it was limited to premium owners only and any leaked versions are being swiftly pulled from the internet by EA’s lawyers. I’ve seen it and I can tell you that anyone who complained that Close Quarters was a bastardised version of Battlefield 3 built to cater to a CoD audience, you are really, really going to like this DLC when it hits the web on the 11th September (or 25th if you’re not a premium member).