Battlefield 3: Armoured Kill gameplay trailer shows off vehicular carnage


Look at this new Battlefield 3: Armoured Kill gameplay trailer. Go on, even if you couldn’t give two hoots about Battlefield 3, this video will extract an unending torrent of excited hooting from you. The upcoming expansion is all about vehicular combat, with this trailer expertly demonstrating that. It show all manner of death machine, from big tanks and fast trucks to angry jets and giant gunships (well, one gunship, the AC-130), all frantically duking it out across the biggest map the series has ever seen. Aren’t humans just ace at inventing awesomely terrible things?

The third expansion to Battlefield 3 is due for release in September, with Battlefield 3 Premium members receiving Armoured Kill two weeks in advance. It features five new vehicles, that AI piloted gunship in the trailer, as well as a new Tank Superiority game mode.

Superior to what? Humans? We already know tanks are better than people, there’s really no need to fight over it, DICE.