Battlefield 3 at E3: all the news, screenshots and videos.


You are now humming the Battlefield music. Sorry about that, but it sets the mood for a Battlefield 3 E3 round-up. All the information, a supply drop of screens, trailers and from Los Angeles, coming at you like a jet piloted by a noob. Enjoy having those dramatic beats in your head while you ponder the future of Battlefield.

The main announcement of the military shooter was the Premium service. Have you already bought Battlefield 3? Want to buy more of it. Here’s EA’s excitable trailer for it.

So you get new weapons, expansions, better stats, some bling, XP boost weekends, server queue jumps, and more for the same price the game costs. Dan’s already played it for us and found it a bit lacking for the money they’re asking, while Jim over at RPS had the same reaction: it’s the cost of a new game, and while the expansion packs are nice, it feels like a too much of an outlay.

With everyone at E3, apart from me, there’s not been a lot reaction otherwise to Premium, so it’s been left to the fans to dig into what it offers. The first official map pack has already been released, albeit exclusively on the PS3. Here’s a walkthrough of what you can expect from ‘mission 925’, what DICE thinks is the most destructible map of the Close Quarters DLC.

The next chunk of game to expect from Premium is ‘Armored Kill’. Winding down E3, EA held a live demo of of the in-development expansion pack, the map pack that will focus on the largest maps ever in Battlefield, showing off the new vehicles, including that giant of the skies, the AC-130

A mobile spawn point? You can PARACHUTE off it? I’m sold, and I’m sure Battlefield fans have a lot to say about that. but is there a lot to gleam from these E3 screens, showing off Close Quarters? Who cares: they show explosions caught in the moment of birth. These are birthsplosions.