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Battlefield 3: End Game’s Capture the Flag mode looks amazeballs


I know that the very best first-person shooters are frenetic things – the most fun you can have in ten seconds. I know that Battlefield at its best is a collision of men and vehicles above, below, and head-on to each other, in a desaturated landscape that definitely shouldn’t feel more real than reality, hyper-real, but nevertheless does.

It’s rare that I’m reminded of all that by a DLC trailer. Come on in.

End Game also introduces Air Superiority to Battlefield 3 – a game mode previously only found in DICE’s foray into Xbox Live, 1943. It’s near-indistinguishable from team deathmatch on paper, but for one crucial difference: player teams are locked to air carrier spawn points on opposite sides of the map, and are forced airborne within moments of the match beginning.

The two modes are accompanied by four new maps and three new vehicles, including a dirt bike and a dropship.

It’s not just me, is it? That was a bloody good watch.

Thanks, VG247.