Battlefield 3 premium people get double XP weekend, non-premium dogs get dog tag challenge


Dog tags for the blood dogs! If they work hard, that is. If all Battlefield 3 players can work together long enough to reach 200,000,000,000 in score by the end of Sunday March 17, DICE will unlock a new dog tag for each and every one of them. There’s even greater incentive for premium players, who’ve got the benefits of double XP from now til the end of the weekend.

All of this is nominally to celebrate the release of Battlefield 3: End Game, which unlocked for Premium types this week, but doesn’t hit til March 26 for everybody else.

The Premium double XP fountain started flowing about two hours ago, and will trickle to a halt at 2am PDT / 1am PST / 9am GMT on Monday.

If you’re a second-class citizen, or at the very least a not-first-class citizen, you’ll be more interested to hear that DICE have taken an existential slant for their final ever Battlefield 3 dog tag unlock. 200,000 mili points will mean everyone gets one of these – the ‘Forever a Noob?’ tag:


It’s a real poser. Are we all but noobs, stumbling from one virtual existence from the next for all eternity?