Battlefield 3’s Lead Designer leaves DICE


David Goldfarb, the Lead Designer on both Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, has left DICE, although has been careful to state that it’s purely a personal move, and nothing to do with the state of the Battlefield series, either currently or in the past.

Following the departure, Goldfarb’s blog has been updated detailing what he’s got his eye on next, and it’s perhaps a little atypical of the usual developer in terms of what his next project might be. Instead of merely moving to another studio and making more shooty men shooting other men with their shooters, he’s been writing a ‘Biblepunk’ film script with the aim of having it become an actual set of moving pictures that convey his narrative by using actors and stuff.
Like I said, it’s purely a personal move. As creative as DICE can be, ahem Mirror’s Edge ahem, I’m not sure they’re going to make the jump into Old Testament Noir (Goldfarb’s words) just yet.