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Battlefield 4 Battlelog creates localised leaderboards and mini leagues


“When you’re number 127,842 in the global rankings for a game, it can feel defeating,” says Battlefield 4 produced Jesper Nielsen. “That’s why we’ve brought Geo Leaderboards into the mix, where you can set your position to compete against people in your city, state, and country, as well as the world at large.”

On top of that you’ll be subdivided into leagues so you can always track your progression.

Geo Leaderboards are a new way of viewing your ranking. You can zoom into a world map and see your position in the rankings relative to the players in that area. You can see how well you’re doing in your city, state, country, continent, and globally.

“Players will also be divided into Divisions, inspired by FIFA’s Seasons system,” Nielsen continues. “All players on a leaderboard are divided into 10 Divisions, depending on your skills and ranking in a wide range of areas such as Kill/Death Ratio, Score Per Minute, and more. This stretches across each level of zoom (city, state, country, and world) in the Geo Leaderboards as well so you might be Division 1 in your city, but only Division 3 in the world. You’ll be notified in-game when you make the jump from one division to the next, giving you an even better idea of how you stack up to other players.”

The changes DICE are making to Battlelog are all about engaging players with Battlefield in new ways. These leaderboards give you a sense of the game as an ongoing entity outside of each individual battle. Unlike personal stats, these dynamic leagues let you gauge yourself against other players more easily. Another method is Battlelog’s new missions feature.