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Battlefield 4 boasts second monitor support for your minimap


Yesterday’s Battlelog trailer was a petri dish of possibilities, and so naturally it set tongues a-wagging.

Forums buzzed with questions like: “Will I be able to switch servers while pulling a sick wheelie on Kiasar Railroad?” And: “Can I change my loadout while getting changed?” Also: “Coo! If tablets can host the in-game minimap, can my second monitor do the same?”

Yes, yes, and “yup”.

A DICE Battlelog producer on Reddit with the handle TheBikingViking supplied the affirmative. “It’s browser-based,” confirmed a Battlelog developer by the name of DarkLord.

“Just open it in a new browser window and place it wherever you want,” they added in adifferent thread. “However big you want it.”

Another user asked if players would be able to recreate the Commander Mode monitor setup DICE sported at E3 – in which other players’ views from the ground were visible to their commander via a second screen.

“No, it’s your screen only,” replied the developer. “Though I’m sure some crafty people will figure out a way.”

Because Battlelog is web-based, the minimap will be compatible with “most modern browsers” – even officially-unsupported Opera, thanks to a sole DICE developer who put in the hours to solve the root issues.

In summary: there’s nothing standing between you and an omniscient SupCom-style setup. Are you the all-seeing type?