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Battlefield 4 Commander app deployed to tablets, iOS first


So you’ve become accustomed to heckling your teammates from up high via Battlefield’s now-returned Commander Mode, and developed an unmistakable, inimitable war cry to be uttered at volume whenever you deploy war assets. But three problems have occurred to you: I cannot command from the bath. I cannot command from bed. And I cannot command from the bus.

No longer. The Commander app is implicit permission from DICE to puppeteer your friends through every second of their time with Battlefield 4.

The dev team promise a “slick” interface and intuitive touch controls across iOS tablets – meaning iPad 2 and up, plus iPad Mini from iOS 6.1 and up. And I wasn’t kidding about the bus thing – it reportedly works a treat over 3G.

Specific serversto lord overcan be selected through the separate Battlelog app. Go to ‘Multiplayer’, select the server you’d like, and join via the ‘Commander’ button. From there, the Commander app will be launched automatically.

Download it on the iOS store. Naturally you’ll need to own a copy of Battlefield 4 to play – plus an active soldier of rank 10 or above.

You won’t find an equivalent app on the Google Play store just yet – but DICE say it’ll be dropped on Android tablets before the beginning of December. Do you think you’ll have a play with it?