Battlefield 4 developer DICE “interested” in eSports, removed co-op play


“eSports is an area that we are very interested in,” said DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson, during an interview with YouTuber Leutin09. While he did not enter into specifics, Troedsson acknowledged the rise of eSports and said that the studio saw Battlefield as a “competitive” series. At the same time, he also stated that there would be no co-op mode in Battlefield 4.

Instead, the developer is “focusing everything” on both single-player and multiplayer, Troedsson explained. “Multiplayer is the heart of any Battlefield game that we do,” he said, “and that won’t change moving forward.” Troedsson was speaking at the Battlefield 4 event in Stockholm last week, not long after the game’s17 minute trailerhad shown off its collapsing buildings, exploding helicopters and thudding machine guns.

He said that eSports isn’t a walk in the park, either. “It’s not as easy as some game developers like to think,” he told his interviewer, adding that “It’s been around for a long time; it’s just recently that it’s really starting to take off… which is amazingly cool, by the way.”

Thanks, Gamespot.