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Battlefield 4 loadout presets to let us spend more time toppling skyscrapers from today

Your days of scratching skyboxes are over, tall building.

Load in… load out. Load in… load out. Oh, sorry friends: you’ve interrupted me during my morning pre-battle ritual. I find the slow assembly and disassembly of weapon configurations helps ready me for the day – but you might like to take advantage of DICE’s new loadout presets, which are designed to ease match startup in Battlefield 4.

Loadout presets allow players to save kit or vehicle setups, and switch between them when entering a match. They mean not having to edit each slot individually on the Customize screen to try a different playstyle.

It’s important to note that the presets are only saved in Battlelog, Battlefield’s web client, rather than the game itself. Once you’ve joined a server, you’ll only be able to tweak loadouts via Customise without quitting out to the menu.

The idea, then, is that you’ll switch to an appropriate setup based on the map or game mode of the server you’ve selected.

Most players will be allowed two presets per kit and vehicle, though premium members will enjoy preferential treatment: they’ll get four.

Click the ‘Presets’ button that appears when mousing over a kit or vehicle to save a setup – and head to the Loadout menu to recall a previous favourite. They can be named, and selected via a dropdown menu.

Loadout presets will appear in a Battlelog update before the end of the day – but DICE promise they’ll continue to tweak and add functionality to the system based on the musings and moanings that spill onto their forums. Do you think you’ll make use of it?

Cheers, VG247.