Battlefield 4 map names revealed. Zavod 311 centers around an unexploded bomb in an abandoned tank factory

Battlefield 4 dice ea zavod 311

The premise of Battlefield 4’s Zavod 311 is a worrying one. Set in an abandoned tank factory, the old building still contains an active warhead that players can detonate to bring the central chimney crashing down. Just how many buildings out there have unexploded warheads hanging around for curious kids to discover.

Kids armed with warheads? Why, they could tear society apart at the very seams. We must stop them. Go burn down the school nearest to you.

DICE revealed the names of all the maps that will be shipping with Battlefield 4 at launch. they provided no details of the map so I filled those in for you.

Siege of Shanghai

Pretty straightforward – the map’s set in Shanghai. There’s a siege going on. You take part. Possibly inspired by the Japanese pirate raids of 1554.

Paracel Storm

Clearly there’s a typo here and it’s meant to be Parasol Storm and the map is set on a beach during a particularly windy summer.

Zavod 311

Unexploded warhead. Factory. Burn a school.

Lancang Dam

A less famous cousin of the great Jean-Claude van Damme.

Flood Zone

Pretty self explanatory. This is a mashup of the first Halo level to feature the Flood and Stalker’s famous Zone.

Rogue Transmission

DICE’s take on the roguelike genre. You get deeper and deeper within a mountain complex to send a transmission for help. Features permadeath and a level three wizard.

Hainan Resort

Before resorting to a last resort you must try the Hainan Resort. Yes, go to China’s lovely island province and sense your problems melt away.


Set aboard Dawn’s chariot you must fight while the Greek god drags the sun across the sky.

Operation Locker

Set in an army locker room. You can either kill each other and fight for capture points or shower and laugh at each others’ willies.

Golmud Railway

I’ve got nothing. I think it’s set in a harbour.