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Battlefield 4 multiplayer missions let you set challenges for your friends


In a nod to Hitman Absolution’s Contracts mode, DICE are letting players create challenges for each other in multiplayer. You can create a mission, who can get the headshot from the furthest distance, say, and then compete with your friends to come out on top.

“Missions are challenges you can set amongst you and up to four friends,” explainsJesper Nielsen, Battlefield 4’s producer. “They allow you to tailor your multiplayer experience and choose how to define victory outside of normal game objectives. People can create missions based on the same criteria as Personal Records, giving you a list of objectives we’ll continue to increase over time.

“These Missions are always round-based, meaning each round is its own separate attempt to get the best score. While you’re setting up your Mission, you can choose which map should be used for the Mission (you can also pick “Any Map”) and the amount of attempts each participant will get (with an option for unlimited attempts), and then you have 48 hours to compete and claim victory. Set a mission on Friday and now you have the weekend to try and be the best among your friends.”

It’s a brilliant idea. Anything that encourages us to engage with Battlefield in ways outside of the norm is a way to keep the game fresh. It could also be a great way to force your friends to practice the skills you think they may be a little lacking in. If you’ve had a week of watching your teammates crashing jets before they’ve left the runway then set a challenge for longest airtime. It’s hiding the practice element under a challenge.

I hope DICE keep fleshing the choice of missions out. If they release the game and it’s simply “Most kills with x weapon” they really won’t have made the most of the opportunity. I want to see things like “Longest fall without dying” and “Furthest tank jump”. Also, awards for the incompetent – “Most times killed while reloading” and so on.

Make it so DICE.