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Battlefield 4 multiplayer trailer shows how taking a jet ski to the chest can be painful


There are some things we don’t need to experience to know they aren’t for us. Mustard milkshakes, for instance. DICE are forever producing videos that detail exactly why we shouldn’t do things we likely already had no plan on undertaking. Examples include, jumping a motorbike into a helicopter, standing under a helicopter when it crashes to the ground, and, well, being shot.

Add to that list of DICE lessons being hit in the chest by a jet ski.

Battlefield 4’s multiplayer looks to be improving on Battlefield 3’s in every way. Though I can’t shake the feeling that’s because Battlefield 3 lacked some basic features. A spectator mode, for one. Voice chat, for another. That’s unfair to DICE, the dynamic map events look spectacular. Entire buildings collapsing, dams being destroyed to flood levels.

Battlefield 4’s due out 1 November. It’s open beta begins on 4 October.

Cheers, PC Gamer.