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Battlefield 4 “one-hit kill” bug to be squashed next week


If you’ve seen Gravity you’ll know that it’s not only about Sandra Bullock gasping but also debris speeding up in orbit, so that every time it comes past it’s travelling at a speed that makes bullets look increasingly silly.

It seems a similar kind of maths has been going on in Battlefield 4 – every now and again, damage from a single bullet will be erroneously multiplied. And then multiplied again, for bad measure, so that it thoroughly kills targets who might otherwise have continued to run about for at least a minute longer.

That’s to be fixed next week, thankfully, along with a few other similarly melodramatic bugs.

The new Battlefield’s selling point was the horribly portmanteau’d (though genuinely exciting) concept of ‘levelution’ – the idea that a catastrophic event during play might irrecoverably change a map. But on Battlefield 4’s launch, players were surprised to discover that some maps were irrecoverably changed when players fired a certain silenced weapon and inadvertently silenced absolutely everything.

DICE have found a fix for a PC audio bug which seems to fit the description, so hopefully that’s the end of that. Elsewhere, they’ve seen to a common crash that occurred when exiting from single player to the main menu, and removed a strange blur effect on soldiers that appeared when Commanders used EMP attacks.

Finally, they’ve tweaked the network and computer performance screen so that it, uh, shows actual network and computer performance.

“Players can now test their computer and network connection and get recommendations if they need to adjust something to improve their gameplay experience,” promise the developers.

All of these changes will come into effect in the week beginning December 2, which we’re nearly on top of. Is there anything you’ve been tolerating in particular in anticipation of a hotfix?

Thanks, VG247.