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Battlefield 4 open beta bound for October 1: Viva la levelución


Imagine making the perfect cheese and ham toastie, and then garnishing it with so much salad and slaw and sauce that you can’t even see its contents ooze slowly onto the plate – a basic human right.

That’s EA’s resident Liverpudlian Pete Moore, writing a blog post vacantly titled Playing the Best of This Generation and Getting a Head Start on the Next. He’s managed to announce Battlefield 4’s beta date in such a way that nobody’s noticed. For three days.

Blah excitement, yada launch window dressing, something NFL, something FIFA, something PS3, something Xbox – aha, here we are. Battlefield 4 open beta, PC, October 1.

EA had previously confirmed that a multiplayer beta would be coming in early October,and I can confirm that October 1 is the earliest October there is – a full month before Battlefield 4’s release proper.

DICE king Karl Magnus Troedsson indicated at Gamescom that the public beta would be preceded by a three-day closed period – exclusive to Digital Edition pre-orderers and those unfortunate enough to have bought Medal of Honor Warfighter’s Digital Deluxe or Limited edition. Which means that lot have a less than two-week wait ahead of them.

There’ll be new levels, levelling up, and skyscraper-levelling – but no level-headed squadmates determined to pull you through Singapore by your rifle. That, and Bonnie Tyler, will have to wait for the grand game-unchaining on October 29.

Ta, VG247.