Battlefield 4 PC system requirements go like this

What are the Battlefield 4 system requirements? EA has set the minimum and recommended set up: can you run it?

Battlefield 4 System Requirements

How many graphics were there in the Siege of Shanghai? What kind of processor does one need to join the levelution? What sort of sound card does Bonnie Tyler insist on before she’ll sing the emotions off a squad of gruff men?

Answers to all these questions and more in today’s exciting new chapter of Battlefield 4: PC system requirements.

DICE recommend you run with Windows 8. What you running with that Windows 7 crowd for, they say. You should be running with us.* It seems a less discombobulating operating system will do the trick just fine, though.


I’d also personally recommend a monitor capable of displaying vivid blues and hazy oranges. Why? Just an inkling. Are you sorted for HDDs and whizz?

Check your PC against the PC Battlefield 4 system requirements 2022 over on PCGameBenchmark.

*I’ve been watching Top Boy. Sorry.