Battlefield 4’s first promo image arrives, is wet


 It’s well-publicised that a picture can be the equivalent of up to 1000 words. But did you know that, simply by opening an image file in a word processor, you can find out precisely what it’s saying?

“I hope you still like blue-grey and orange,” Battlefield 4’s first officially-sanctioned promo image told me exclusively in Notepad. “Because DICE are still all over that palette. Seriously, I can barely breathe under all these filters.”

bf4_promo, who prefers to be called Mo, said she couldn’t provide a watertight explanation as to why her subject was running straight down the barrel of the camera in front of a tank line, but nevertheless defended the move as “badass”.

“It’s raining, the background is out of focus and he looks totally determined. Like, undeterrable,” she said.

“I mean, he’s a goner. As doornails. But with any luck somebody is Fraps-ing this, and he’ll respawn inside of 30 seconds anyway.”


Battlefield 4 was officially confirmed on Friday, and a proper reveal dated for March 26 at GDC. Do you like the cut of its jib?

Thanks to AGB and CVG.