Battlefield 4 site goes live; it has you wipe a wet window. Seriously


When thinking of Battlefield as a series, a concept, an entity in the universe, things like 64-player games (at least back in the olden games), stunning engine technology for graphics and physics (though with the occasional blip), and the ability to be extremely silly in a game that takes itself very seriously comes to mind, not the artsy past-time of staring through a rainwashed window, idly wiping away the water to stare mournfully at tanks.

Yet that’s what DICE have opted for for their Battlefield 4 reveal website.

Maybe they’ve been spending a little too much time on Rainy Mood but I’m not too sure what the connection is between a new Battlefield and a downpour, though it’s fast emerging as a theme of their marketing material. Maybe all will be made clear on 27 March (the day EA and DICE have promised to give up the goods on their next game in the series).

According to the page, more art from the new game will be revealed as people sign up for accounts. So, if you can’t contain your excitement till next Wednesday, you best keep checking back to the site to see if the image behind the rain updates.

Besides pressing F5 regularly and diligently I offer you two other options: read our wishlist for Battlefield 4 or watch this Eurythmics video:

Thanks, VG247.