Battlefield 4 trailer commemorates release today in places that aren’t Europe, Japan, New Zealand, India, etc


There’s a couple of moments in the Battlefield 4 Official Multiplayer Launch Trailer that’ll have you reaching for the red pre-order hotline on your desk. There’s the bit where the jet zooms within sploshing distance of one of those dynamic waves, because who isn’t a sucker for things flying too close to other things. Isn’t that what the Death Star trench scene is all about?

And then there’s the part with the quad bike. That’s the best bit.

There’s a nostalgia gland just behind my right ear that’s tickled by the use of ye olde Battlefield theme, but once that’s secreted its disgusting juices I’m left with the odd realisation that it now sounds like Euro-trance. And Euro-trance is awful.

Oh, I almost forgot: Battlefield 4 is out today, but only in certain large blobs on the globe. Namely East and Central Asia (12:01am KST), North and South America (12:01am EDT), and Russia (11:00am MSK).

Australia and most of the EU are Thursday; New Zealand, India, South Africa, Portugal and the UK are Friday; and Japan is – gosh, Japan is nine days away. You don’t need me to tell you how silly that is.

Are you one of those geographically fortunate enough to be an early adopter?