Battlefield 4’s elusive megalodon finally discovered hanging out in a Naval Strike map

Battlefield 4 Megalodon found

For a good long while, intrepid shark hunters have been searching for the megalodon, the giant prehistoric shark, in Battlefield 4. There have been suggestions that it was hiding in the water since not long after the game’s launch, and despite finding further clues, players were still unable to find something that seems far to big to hide. 

As it turns out, this was because it was lurking in the waters of one of the Naval Strike maps, Nansha Strike, the DLC expansion which has only just been released. But the big beastie has finally been discovered, and it’s quite the sight to behold. 

Jackfrags caught the majestic killer on camera, its eruption from the ocean triggered when 10 players hang out near a buoy.

From the aerial perspective, we get a fine view of the shark, but I imagine it’s even more dramatic and intimidating from sea level. If you’re a Battlefield 4 Premium member, you can jump into Naval Strike right now and see it for yourself, you lucky buggers.

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