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Battlefield 4’s new Obliteration mode will be better on PC


What have the popular shooters renamed the requisite multiplayer modes this year, do you reckon? Flapture the Cag? Counter-Shoot? In Battlefield’s case, it’s Domination and Defuse respectively. Beyond those, though, there’s cause to be a little less cynical.

Domination will be available on the Siege of Shanghai map from next week in the Battlefield 4 beta, alongside its vehicular equivalent, Conquest.

But in the game proper, we’ll be playing Obliteration – a new mode which asks two teams to secure a bomb, hustle it into enemy territory, and then ensure it makes a big mess. On the current-gen consoles, it’ll support 24 players – but on PC and the next-gen machines nobody’ll have until at least Christmas, it’ll host 32.

Playing Obliteration on Paracel Storm, players will find that the weather worsens as time goes on. And if they take the time to destroy the wind turbines surrounding the battleship offshore, they’ll send it crashing into the beach:

The mode originally known as Gold Rush in Bad Company also makes its own return. One team means to destroy MCOM stations, the macguffiny control points littered about the map, but has a limited number of collective respawns with which to do so. The defending team must dry up those respawns before every station is destroyed. And again, we can expect an extra eight players per map for Rush on PC.

Battlefield 4 will also do Team and Squad Deathmatch, of course, as well as Defuse: the Valve-inherited perma-death mode in which two teams of five must either take out their opponents or explode an important thing made of wires and computers.

Across ten maps at launch, that sounds like a recipe for emergent good times. Although frankly, I don’t think enough of the modes take advantage of DICE’s way with a dirtbike or whirlybird, do you?

Thanks, CVG.