Battlefield Hardline footage leaked so far is six months old – Visceral will show “real deal” at E3

Battlefield Hardline: aviator shades are standard issue for Miami cops.

At some point yesterday, between digging up mention of a SWAT-themed Battlefield in Battlelog’s files and scouring leaked Battlefield Hardline footage for clues, we felt a pang of guilt.

We’d ruined EA’s E3 for them, surely? That trailer had to be the backbone of their conference – and we’d taken it from them. Poor CEO Andrew Wilson would now be forced to play for time performing on-stage skits with Pitbull or shouting the word ‘sports’, over and over.

Apparently not. Visceral Games say the Hardline footage is now six months old – and E3 will be about showing us “how much further the team has taken things”.

Visceral president Steve Papoutsis said the leaked video was put together for an internal meeting at EA.

“It’s six months old now and team has been cranking since then,” he tweeted. “See the real deal at E3. Can’t wait to show you how much further the team has taken things.”

Papoutsis said his team were “pouring everything we’ve got” into their game of cops and cons, and were “excited to see so much buzz” around the old footage.

He said there was lots new to share at EA’s reveal on June 9 – and “maybe even a little more before then if you want it”.

Battlefield: Hardline runs on Frostbite – and Papoutsis confirmed there are “absolutely more modes in the works” than were shown in yesterday’s video.

“BF players are passionate, we hope we show the fans we’re passionate too,” he added. “We’re absolutely focused on delivering the best experience possible.”

Battlefield Hardline promises “more open” environments in single player, place-anywhere ziplines in multiplayer, and honestly quite a lot else – though I know some readers worried it too closely resembled Battlefield 4 in that footage. Was that you?

Cheers, VG247.