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Battlefield Hardpoint has police bikes, and they make short work of plate glass windows

Battlefield Hardline, or racing line?

Last night, a man named Freddy Dance posted a video of himself pulling dangerous stunts alone. So far, so YouTube: but these stunts were performed on an supposed empty server for Battlefield Hardline, Visceral’s filth-flavoured reworking of the DICE formula.

The video’s since been pulled by EA, which is as close to official confirmation as we’re going to get. So what did Freddy run into? Choppers, police bikes, and floor-to-ceiling windows just wide enough to drive through.

Among the vehicles listed for potential deployment in the Hardline beta are a police motorbike, police interceptor, squad car, intervention SUV, armoured rescue vehicle, patrol helicopter, transport helicopter, and mobile command post.

You can see some of them in action via a mirrored video on Facebook. A short trip in a chopper reveals the beta map to be a skyscraper-strewn US city district bordered by a busy highway – possibly Miami, where Battlefield Hardline protagonist Nick Mendoza originates from.

The last Battlefield Hardline footage we saw was six months old, so the gifs now filling up GAF are quite something. But we can expect to see a lot more at EA’s E3 conference next week. Next week!

I think It’s fair to say that Hardline is leaning toward the ‘domestic military’ end of policing, don’t you? No plodding community service here.

Cheers, Kotaku.