Battlefield Premium first impressions: a bit rich


Battlefield Premium has been out for a couple of days now, so we thought we’d hop online and see whether it’s worth throwing $50, £35 or 50 Euros at it. On the surface it seems extremely expensive: particularly for UK and European players who face a price increase over and above a standard exchange rate. 

So: what do you get for all that money? If you buy today; not a great deal at all.

Premium could be a good idea for Battlefield players. The plan is that if you pay for it, you get the next four DLC expansions (Close Quarters, Aftermath, Armoured Kill and Endgame) when they’re released, for a slightly reduced price.
The first expansion pack; Close Quarters, isn’t online on PC right now: it’s exclusive to PS3 for the next two weeks.
In fact, all that’s available if you buy Battlefield Premium on PC today is a selection of new camo patterns for your soldiers. The rest of the content, is ‘coming soon’.
You can see exactly what is coming soon at the Battlefield 3 Premium calendar.
Here’s the thing: aside from the DLC, the rest of the content is ‘to be determined’ or ‘more details will be forthcoming’. So it’s impossible to understand exactly what you’re going to be getting. Soldier Upgrades are promised every couple of months, bonus content every three.
There are also videos and tutorials hosted by DICE developers; but honestly, they’re nowhere near as in-depth as what the best youtubers are producing.
It’s also impossible to know how good the new maps and DLC will be. Personally, I’m looking forward to Armored Kill, but have no real interest in Close Quarters. I prefer vehicle gameplay to mad infantry scrambles. All we know about Aftermath and Endgame is the name and a few scant details.
EA and DICE are asking a lot for players to start paying up right now. I recommend you don’t buy it now. We’ll revisit Premium when Close Quarters is released in on June 12th.