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Battlelog 2.0 will put Battlefield 4 in your pocket, sez this trailer

Battlefield 4

Tweak your loadout on the bus? Not me – I do all my weapon-handling in private. But that’s what Battlelog’s all about – spreading your Battlefield a little more evenly across the ever-so-slightly carbonated toast of life. See what that might mean for you and your various electronic devices in the trailer below.

Oddly, much of the video is given over to features accessible on your phone or tablet while already in-game. You might swap your weapon while waiting for the kill screen to disappear, for instance, or browse servers for another game without having to quit out to the menu first.

Which strikes me as the height of impatience. No moment of reflection for the buildings we’ve seen collapse?

That said, the new Battlelog will make it easier to find friends and, through its Challenges, have more fun with them. Do you think you’ll be taking advantage of that functionality?