Double XP Event for Battlefield 3, new multiplayer footage of Battlefield 4 surfaces

Battlefield 3 Double XP Event

Are you prepared 4 Battle? Are U looking 4ward to Battlefield 4’s release? Well to get you pumped EA and DICE have launched a double XP event for Battlefield 3, starting RIGHT NOW. There’s no listed end-point either, so who knows how long this craziness is going to last. Maybe 4EVA? Also, footage of a new Battlefield 4 multiplayer map has surfaced on the internet.

The new map is called Flood Zone, and it’s very wet. Not so wet that you don’t have the odd APC, light tank or helicopter flying around, but wet enough so that you’ll have to go swimming every now and then. No clue if there’s a central set-piece like the Siege of Shanghai tower, but it seems more infantry focused than not, so don’t expect to be flattening many buildings.

You can check out the videos on this here Reddit.

Battlefield 4 is due out in North America on October 29th, October 31st for Australia & Japan, and November 1st for Europe.