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EA confirm Battlefield 3 Premium Edition, includes all DLC and Premium access


EA have announced that they’ve managed to fit all of Battlefield 3 and its available DLC into a single, economically sound collector’s edition box. The all-encompassing Battlefield 3 Premium Edition (hinted at earlier this week) will cost you €59.99, or $69.99 dollars, and for your money you get access to Battlefield Premium (the game’s paid-for member’s club, entry to which earns you all future DLC and updates for free, and often in advance). The Premium Edition also includes a multiplayer welcome kit with in-game upgrades designed to get new players up to speed by showering them in 15 weapons, gadgets and vehicle upgrades.

Considering that access to Battlefield Premium alone carries a one-time cost of £39.99, Battlefield 3 Premium Edition, with access to Battlefield 3’s Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Aftermath, Armoured Kill and End Game DLC built-in, looks like a bit of a bargain. It launches on September 13. Armoured Kill, the next DLC to drop, launches on September 4, but will be exclusive to Playstation owners for a period. Those sods.