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Frostbite support for Oculus Rift looking more likely as DICE devs are spotted playing with VR


Look at these men playing with VR goggles, twisting their heads around and having fun. The man who resembles a young Graham Linehan is Nate Mitchell, who works for the Oculus Rift team and still smiles every time he watches people wear his virtual reality headset. Meanwhile the man actually wearing the contraption works for DICE, developer of, among other games, Battlefield 4. Earlier in the year EA and DICE were reportedly investigating the possibility of bringing Oculus Rift support to the Frostbite Engine, which powers Battlefield, Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Now, it seems, they’re investigating it a whole bunch.

If the above “Vine” social media video updatetweeted by DICE’s Johann Anderssonis any indicator of the studio’s intentions, they could be the latest to join the growing legion of support for the next-gen VR tech.

This weekend, CCP revealed their own integration of Oculus Rift into the EVE universe, as explored by our Julian. More more more, let’s race towards the Matrix with our arms flailing above our heads, I don’t care any more I just want to live in the future.