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How Battlefield 4 temporarily discovered all the colours it’s been missing


The Battlefield series’ grey and orange palette is now so well established that doctors are using it to test the cognitive abilities of their patients But an apparent rendering bug at launch briefly saw Battlefield 4 and its players awakened to a whole spectrum of colours. Mostly hot pinks, lime greens and retina-burning yellows.

I’m not really qualified to issue epilepsy warnings. But, er, be careful with this one:

Thought to be an Nvidia rendering bug, the glitch was apparently solved with a driver update within a day. So we can look back on this one and laugh.

Not so funny are the ongoing problems that’ve plagued Battlefield 4’s launch. While DICE are working on hotfixesand this week saw off a couple of persistent server crashes, they’ve yet to tackle the majority of the bugs that saw our Tim label the release just another high profile cock up.

How’re you finding the new Battlefield for stability? And for rad colours?

Thanks, PC Gamer.