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Medal of Honor Warfighter Home Run mode apes Counter-Strike


Medal of Honor is flexing its multiplayer muscles to the press at the moment and boy are we hot under the collar, first off was the new Fireteam mode, which pitted you and a buddy against an army of foes, and now we’re offered a glimpse of Home Run. This new game type affords every player a single life in an attackers V defenders capture the flag game.

Danger Close hope the single life will encourage rapid-fire rounds of an eSports flavour.

The defending team, made up of six players have to hold two flag points designed to funnel the attacking team – also of six players – towards them. The attackers need only capture one of the flags to win, so once they grab a flag the defenders will have to jump their positions and chase down the carrier if they’re to have a hope of winning. Each game will be played across ten bouts, five rounds of each team swapping roles.

According to The Verge, each level will be small and asymmetrical: geared towards making ashort, camper-free game type.

There’s clearly a great deal of crossover with Counter-Strike – not a bad choice of target when it comes to developing an eSport – but where it differs is that the game has six character classes to choose from. You may recognise them from another Valve IP. There’s an assault, who’s your basic soldiery type; a point man, who can scout ahead; a heavy gunner, he’ll likely have a mini gun of some kind; Spec Ops, who’ll be able to spy on the enemy for you; a sniper and a demolition guy – there’s currently no word out on whether they’ll have the accents of former English colonies.

Although Medal of Honoris being handled by Danger Close and isn’t a DICE property, I’d love to see if these small maps are using the Frostbite 2 Engine as well as those inBattlefield 3’s Close Quarters DLC; there’s nothing else quite like it available on the PC: the way that Ziba Tower’s wallsflake to pieces about you as you’re shot at with assault rifles and shotguns gets the blood pumping in a way that makes me question the health of eating a steak for breakfast every day.

More on this in October when Warfighter is released (along with the Battlefield 4 beta access).