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San Andreas via Karkand - GTA V trailer remade in Battlefield 3


What with the lack of noise coming out of Camp Rockstar following the trailer revealing they were working on GTA V, the ravenous fans of the series have taken to recreating what little footage there is in other games.

KETEGANO has done a ridiculously good
job of porting the palm tree paradise action of San Andreas over to
the somewhat dustier locales on offer in DICE’s Battlefield 3.

He’s done a good deal more than simply
laying the audio over shots of Battlefield. You
can see in the next videohe’s made a proper stab at a shot for shot remake.

Also, the walking on show in KETEGANO’s
film may have just about robbed Battlefield of any last vestiges of
authentic military simulation the game still held after Battlefield 3 golf.