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SWAT’s going on ‘ere, then: Battlelog update unearths references to rumoured cop-themed Battlefield: Hardline

Battlefield 4 is not about the police, but extremely well-armed soldier men.

Something acronymed BFH is coming to Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC, according to icons buried in today’s Battlelog update.

What is it? Nobody really knows. But Battlefield redditors have cross-referenced the icons with the codename of a supposed SWAT-styled EA shooter expected later this year: Battlefield Hardline.

A dataminer at BBlog discovered the icons in the code for a Battlelog update released today – but doesn’t think the acronym is related to DICE’s low-spec free-to-play FPS, Battlefield Heroes.

Battlefield Heroes has an internal ID that differs from that of the new icons, explained BrainFooLong.

On to that other more tantalising possibility, then. In February, EA reportedly gave laid off staff at Ghost Games’ UK office the option of supporting Visceral Games on a Battlefield game – the long-rumoured police-themed spinoff said to be in development at the Dead Space studio.

One commenter at Bblog suggested the subtitle ‘Hardline’ – listed but quickly deleted as a tag by a Youtuber recently invited to San Francisco by EA. And another on Reddit has since uncovered a logo.

Other dataminers have dug into the code today – and emerged with a trove of unconfirmed information. Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator, Professional are the names of four apparent classes – and Turf War, Heist and Blood Money three leaked game modes. Elsewhere, a police baton is listed a “melee combat” weapon.

All of which needs to be taken with the requisite handful of salt. But given the proximity of E3, a new Battlefield doesn’t seem desperately unlikely. How would a cop-populated Battlefield suit you?