There is a live, flying pterodactyl flapping about in Battlefield 3: Endgame


The most unexpected easter egg is waiting for Battlefield 3 players on Endgame’s Nebandan Flats map. After hiding dinsoaur bones, gnomes and an easter egg that actually was an easter egg, developer DICE have decided to go all-out and just put a life, flying, flapping pterodactyl in their game. Because why not, right?

The pterodactyl isn’t exactly the hardest thing to find, either. It sticks close to the mountains between Bravo and Charlie points and leisurely flaps its way back and forth, according to its whims. If you don’t believe me (and I could understand why you wouldn’t), here’s a video.

That probably beats the giant bobbing drone on Kharg Island for pure strangeness, doesn’t it?

Ten to one someone discovers an even stranger easter egg soon, as only a small fraction of Battlefield 3 players are playing Endgame so far. The expansion is only available to PlayStation 3 Premium members, while Premium PC players will be able to release their safety catches on March 12. It’s released to the rest of the world on March 26.

Thanks, MP1st.