We’re going to need a bigger boat: Battlefield 4’s Phantom Prospect and giant sharks

Battlefield 4 Phantom Prospect

When Battlefield 4’s China Rising DLC came out, a new hidden assignment, “Phantom Prospect”, appeared. Beyond needing to be a Premium player, there was no information about how the assignment could be completed. But nothing stays secret for long when internet sleuths are on the case, and lo and behold, it’s been cracked. 

Youtuber MattTheMusketeer has kindly uploaded a video detailing how you go about unlocking the assignment as well as what it tasks you to do. Guide your eyes below for the skinny. 

So you need to go to the leaderboard on Battlelog, click on the ominous mask-wearing skull and then type in the password “bumpinthenight” on the boot-up screen. If you do this, you’ll open up the assignment, which orders you to get 200 kills with an assault rifle, 200 kills with the main battletank and finally a 300-metre headshot.

If you do your duty, you’ll unlock a spiffy new dogtag with the Phantom Prospect logo.

But is there more to Phantom Prospect? Well, now we go far down the rabbit hole. Youtuber jacfrags believes it’s got something to do with a megalodon, you know, that huge prehistoric shark that once fought a massive octopus. The intrepid detective discovered a book with the name Phantom Prospect which is all about a megalodon, and Battlefield Friends also made a video referencing the prehistoric beastie, and they’ve worked with DICE on Easter eggs before.

It strikes me as a bit of a stretch, but one that I’m hoping is entirely accurate, becausemegalodon…come on. What do you fine people reckon?

Cheers, VG24/7